Bits and pieces of my Saturday

This afternoon all but one of my kids were at home.  Eric and Michelle came up to help celebrate their nieces 5th birthday.  Since it is Eric’s birthday on Monday, Dave and Annette and Kieran as well as Rachelle were here too and we ordered in some Chinese food to celebrate.

There are some birthdays that are significant in that they make you feel really a lot older.  No! I don’t mean the person having the birthday who should rightfully feel a bit older.  But having a child who is suddenly out of his twenties and into the 30’s.  Now I feel my joints starting to ache just thinking about that!  It really doesn’t seem like 30 years since we took that little guy home from St Pauls Hospital.  At least he is still not too old to give his mom a hug.

This afternoon I went and shared in the celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary.  The couple have been friends for a long time. Their daughter is a very good friend so it was a great way to spend part of the afternoon.

I also got to watch some volleyball.  There was a tournament on and my daughter was in it playing for St Mary’s grade 9 team.  I had never seen her play volleyball before – usually just soccer – so it was fun to see her in a different sport.  I like the way she serves.  She looks very smooth and powerful – spins the ball a few times and then wham!


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2 responses to “Bits and pieces of my Saturday

  1. Donna


    this is a normal day off for you, isn’t it. Wow, you are one very busy woman….. you touch the lives of many, are involved in your children’s lives fully and you are committed to your walk

    with the Lord. You go girl!! oh, and you take some really awesome pictures!!

  2. Linea

    What’s a “day off”? Do mom’s get those?

    Thanks for your comments, Donna. You are an encouragement to me.