Settled Down – – NOT

Tonight has been one of those nights when I am dealing with problems too big for me to know how to handle.  There are some very mixed up people in this world and my daughter seems to have them as roomates.  Then I have to help her deal with the consequences – very tiring because I can’t do much over a phone.  It is a very mixed up situation and I don’t know that I can handle it.  And I thought things were settling down on that front.

Anyway, when I can’t handle things at least I have a God who can.  Sometimes I just wish I knew what he is trying to do!  Help me to be patient God and trust you to take care of all the junk that seems to be raining down on my world right now. 

I know you are with me,
And her.
Even when she doesn’t know
That you are.
Like a thicket hedge
Surround my child.
Keep those evil forces out that would
Destroy her spirit
By sheer frustration.

Her life has not been
An easy gift.

But a gift it is.

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One response to “Settled Down – – NOT

  1. Donna


    Life is full of constant lessons, for us as Mothers and for our children. I understand

    your frustation….my only wise words are –

    you are the comfort she seeks in time of trouble,

    He gives you strength, courage and wisdom to help

    deal with each and every situation. He will watch over her, He will give you patience as well as understanding in the perfect amount needed.

    My heart knows from where you speak, I learned how to dye my own hair for a time…the gray was coming in fast and furious!