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A Birthday Not Forgotten

Two years ago today our first grandson was born – Logan.  I can still remember the Monday morning, the c-section since he was in distress, the rushing off to the hospital, me telling my staff as I rushed out the door that I was going to the hospital – I had just heard that the baby would be sent by ambulance to Saskatoon and did I want to se him before he left.  I can still remember the tiny long little guy lying in the incubator, tubes everywhere, oxygen tent around his head, touching his little hands since that was about all there was to do.  Then my son coming in he looking so proud and worried and so full of hope that all would be well, prepared to accept the fact that he might be going to  face raising a very handicapped son because he already loved him.

Logan was born with one of those chromosome abnormalities – Trisomy 18 – rare in a child born to young healthy parents;  to a mom who had taken every precaution she could to have a healthy baby.  Trisomy 18 is not compatible with life.  Logan’s life was short – two days.  Two days that changed our relationship with our kids forever.  We saw our son become more of a man as he became a father and had to deal with birth and death all within a few short days.  And we saw our son loving and supporting the woman who bore him this child through this grief. 

Now we have a second grandson three months old.  And another joy for us – one month from today we have a wedding going on! 


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