Sunrise to Sunset

The sun is just coming up reflecting gold on the leaves and grass.  The moment will be short lived. Just long enough for the sun to rise over the horizon and the low clouds.  It’s too bad that my kids and maybe kids everywhere aren’t up to see the beauty right now.  Do they notice it?  Or are they too busy with the stuff in their lives to take time to see the beauty God has created around them?

As I write the golden few moments of the sunrise have changed into the light of day – less golden but making everything more clear in general.  I think I like the moment of sunrise best, fleeting as it is.  We need the brighter light of day to get stuff done, but the really glorious moments of sunrise and sunset showcase the beauty of the earth and sky.

We have those moments in our lives that we showcase too – the births and the deaths.  Yet they are just that – moments.  We celebrate them with great joy or great sorrow.  Yet in between there is the long stretch of plainness that makes up most of our lives.  We need to learn to live through these dull periods of life searching out the beauty that is there – there but not highlighted.  We need to take the in between moments and create beauty out of them too.

Maybe learning to see the beauty in life is one of the gifts we need to learn to pass on to our children.  We pass on the cynicism and complaining easily enough.  We take great pains to pass on the need to make a living but we don’t teach how to take what they are given and make the living happen.  Because real living involves seeing our world and our lives as things which God has created for his glory.

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4 responses to “Sunrise to Sunset

  1. How wonderful to get the opportunity to see what you look like!

    What a little thrill for me.

    Thanks for that Linea.

    I have some of the verses that you have posted on your blog mounted behind my desk, just to remind me of some of the things that I should consider when the day begins to suck.

    Thanks for that too.

  2. Cathy J

    Lord – open my eyes to your beauty. Remind me to tell its story.