A long weekend Monday

Today was a quiet and sort of lazy day for me and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It is nice to have an extra day to the weekend.

This morning I started out with meeting with some friends to discuss the third chapter in Phillip Yancy’s book The Jesus I Never Knew  over breakfast.  It was good – both the breakfast and the time together. 

When I got back home it was almost noon and only Sara was home.  Her “boyfriend”  came over and they didn’t seem to need my company.  So I spent some time cleaning up some garden stuff and then decided to go out to the Little Red River Park for a hike through the woods.

The wind over the past week has pretty much stripped most of the leaves off the trees.  They were crunchy underfoot.  The colours are quickly changing from bright oranges and yellows to dull and dusty greys but the sky is clear and bright blue today and the temperatures are still warm.  Beautiful day to be out walking. 

I have posted some of my pictures of autumn under photos on my side bar.  Hope you enjoy them! 



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2 responses to “A long weekend Monday

  1. Toni

    Nice pics Linea. Looks very much like the little ‘ol UK. And were those shrivelled berries elder? They make an interesting wine, if one can find the time.

    Sorry I’ve not checked in too much. I’ve been caught up thinking with some of the things from Leighton’s site (to do with EO) and it’s not put me in a good frame of mind for blogging. Plus work and outside work have been too busy for much spare activity, and I’ve had to fix the blog OTAM too.

  2. Linea

    I believe the beries are Saskatoons – but I may be wrong and they could be Chokecherries. I don’t thnink Elderberries grow around these parts. However, I could be wrong on all counts. Help me out here any horticulturalists.

    Yeah, we,ve missed you around the web. But as you said, blogging isn’t the only thing in life.

    Figured you were busy. But drop in when you can. I consider you a friend and appreciate your comments.