Last night Grace was injured in her soccer game.  Nothing serious – just pulled her Quads.  But that still makes for a sore leg.  She needs a few days to recuperate, but she is off to Calgary for a dance workshop which she has been anticipating for a long time. (and which we have already paid for!) She is very upset.  The trip is planned, she meets her cousin down in Moose Jaw for the ride to Calgary, and Leo has taken a half day off work to drive her down and then go visit his brother who lives down that way.

So she is going.  She has ice on her leg, lots of ice packs with her and a big tensor bandage, and a bottle of ibuprofen. 

Now she starts looking for her dance sneakers – no where to be found.  To me this is the most frustrating because it will bother me until they are found.  And we think she may have left them at dance on Wednesday.  They are not at our house whereever they are.  So I can see my day being a hectic search for the shoes in between my work seeing kids at the school dental program.

These are times when a mother needs extra patience and the wisdom of God to track down the missing shoes!

Update:  I arrived at the school and was informed that my morning would be shorter than anticipated – some special event going on.  So I had extra time to go over to the dance studio which does not open till 2 pm normally.  I had phoned and left a message earlier with no returned call.  However, I was hoping someone would be there.  I got there and a meeting was in progress and the dance instructor opened up the studio for me.  There were the shoes! 

Thank you God for small prayers answered.  Now for the bigger concerns… A good reminder that he is with me.  If he cares enough about the little stuff I can be sure he has the bigger stuff under his control.  This knowledge helps me get through the really tough days.

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