Been Busy Lately?

If your reply to questions about how you are doing has been “busy” read this and slow down a bit.

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3 responses to “Been Busy Lately?

  1. Sharon

    Yes. Quite an article by Michael Gates. I’ve been called lazy before but I think only because people don’t understand ME like I do. I know myself. I know how much I hate running hither and yon and not getting anywhere really. So I have decided to stop – and I can, now that the children are grown. When they were younger, it wasn’t so easy to stop and enjoy the moment. I now enjoy those times of quiet and calm and don’t feel guilty – not one bit! Have a relaxing day, eh?

  2. I sometimes struggle with guilty feelings of lazyness. So I lie down till the feelings go away!


    But really, it takes a strong character to just stop, or not do it the way people want us to do “it.”

    Life is much to short to rush through, skimming the surface. You wanna go slower, sink down a bit, enjoy the journey.

  3. Anonymous

    Enjoyed this article immensely! I spent the afternoon at McNally Robinson taking my time looking at many different books and sitting down to leaf through the ones that looked interesting. It was wonderful! Thanks again for being my inspiration.