Patient of the Day

Sometimes kids amaze me.  All of the kids we saw today were just great.  Usually there is at least one screamer – but not today.  And that made the day almost blissful.

We would expect a child of 7 or 8 to be able to handle having a filling or two.  But todays winner of patient of the day had to be the three year old who sat in my big chair.  She was so tiny.  It is hard to believe that such a small little thing could have such big holes in her teeth. 

If a dental visit still lingers in your recent memory, do you remember having your lower jaw frozen?  Did you feel just a little pinch and maybe wince or jump just a little?  Not this kid!  She was still as a mouse.  She sat there and let us fix her up and there was not a peep out of her the whole time – for two big fillings. 

She was referred to me as a management problem!  Someone was frightened off by her age I suspect.

She now has two new pink “Twinky Star” fillings and a mother who must be very proud of her. 

So Randall next time you are trying to whip up your courage to come see me, try and follow the example of this little 3 year old  —  OK?

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  1. Cathy J

    I haven’t had a filling for awhile, but I like the “twinkly star” idea – can adults have them, too? 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful pictures as well. I love this time of year.