Daily Archives: October 6, 2003

A Winner!

Today was one of those just pretty ordinary get up go to work kind of days.  Except that it was very busy and it was just the kind of day when it would be nice to get a break to step outside for a bit to enjoy the sun and beautiful weather.

Last week I made the mistake of requesting something from God.  You see our finances have been pretty well stretched what with having three kids we are helping to put through university, and our other kids with their own particular needs that seem to suck our wallets dry.  And our kids needs are not the only ones we have staking a claim on the funds at our disposal.  There are all the usual bills and obligations. 

So we had pretty much drained the well.  Now it would be nice to win the lottery and all but not very realistic.  God seems to like to work in more mundane ways – like having us work for our daily wage.  So I brought the fact that we were kind of getting to the bottom of our resources to Gods attention.  Actually I think he already knew but wanted me to tell him.  So I did.  More specifically, I asked him not for a lottery win but just for our production at the office to meet our needs.

So I really can’t complain when now I am too busy to get out of the office at noon.  I asked for it! 

Maybe next time I should try asking for the lottery thing and take a holiday!  🙂


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