Quite a Declaration.

This morning was just too beautiful.  What a gift at this time of the year.  26 degrees yesterday and today just as nice.  Before heading off to practice for worship, I went for a long walk on the riverbank.  It seemed a better place to talk to God than from the shelter of my home. 
Maybe with a look out from my front yard, you can see why.  The colours were gorgeous, the air was warm enough not to need mittens, and the sun was just coming up.  I love mornings like this and I guess when one knows what kind of weather is coming – all too soon – one savours days like this.

The world around me is doing an excellent job of “declaring God’s glory”.

Thank you God  for this gift.

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2 responses to “Quite a Declaration.

  1. donna


    I needed a break from doing an evaluation and I chose your site to “hit”…what a great decision..

    thanks for the wonderful pic’s and the poetic voice that you have!!

    My eyes are focus-challenged for a bit…

    thanks for the beauty of the pictures..

  2. Toni

    It looks beautiful, Linea, and 26′ too. I went for a ride Sunday morning (church meets in the afternoon) and had to thaw the car before we could leave. And boy, was it cold on the bike to begin with!