Wake up!

Psalm 7: 6

      Arise, O Lord, in anger!
      Stand up against the fury of my enemies!
      Wake up, my God, and bring justice!

David seemed to have no problems talking to God this way.  So I guess God understands when we get angry when we are desperate and when we have had enough.

I was there at that point again yesterday.  A call from a desperate child – and I can understand why but I am at the moment unable to come to her assistance with more than an encouraging word and a promise of what help I can give from a distance.  So I call out to God. 

Then I get home and want to talk but the opportunity doesn’t arrive and the TV is on.  So when I want to talk I become an annoyance and my needs don’t get heard or understood.  So I call out to God.

I am really glad God isn’t too busy or watching TV or talking to someone else so I can’t butt in.  He listens.

And He acts.  He is not sleeping or too tired himself to listen.

Thank you for listening to me yesterday, so that before I even asked you were working on it.  Even when I couldn’t see that you were.  Thanks for how you change desperation into hope.  Sorry I get so impatient and so angry for thinking somehow that you aren’t doing anything.  My trust in you grows God but it is still such a little thing.

So here we go again, Lord.  A new day.  Thanks for the reminder yesterday that you are with me and acting, not sleeping.


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