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We have a kitten.  I have never been a real cat lover – tending to like dogs more than cats.  I think dogs are more trainable and maybe return affection to their masters in different ways than cats.

But Michelle, my daughter-in-law found this little kitten in the hedge by her moms house out north of town.  We have no idea how he got there or what happened to him but somewhere along the way he lost a leg.  If it had just been a well kitten, it would have taken up residence amoung the many cats at the farm.  But this little guy wouldn’t stand a chance on his own on a farm.  Not with only three legs.  Especially since the stump has not healed over very well.

Like Michelle, I have a soft spot for “weak little things”.  The kitten needed a place, needed antibiotics and a bit of extra care.  So we are now ( I claim him as mine) cat owners.  Our dog was a bit miffed but the kitten had enough spunk to put her in her place right away.  A tiny hiss and a swat to the nose did it.  Now the kitten can eat in peace and has the run of the house.

His name is Triple.  Tripy for short.  He snuggles up beside me as I write here this morning, trying to get my attention by batting at the back of my elbow.



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Red Cards and Birthdays

Wow, this was a busy weekend.  And it’s not quite over yet.  I am feeling like there have been too many parties in the last two days.

Last night we went to the Red Card Cabaret.  This was the first annual big fund raiser for soccer.  It was planned to raise funds to send Sara’s team to Nationals in Halifax – but then they lost in the finals so they won’t nned the funds for themselves.  We decided to raise money anyway since we had already planned the event.  So if any team gets to that level they will have some funds to start out with.  We figure that if this is done every year, it will make it easier for the team taht will eventually go to  some playoff without the parents having to work like crazy to get enough funds.

And it turned out to be a fun evening.  Randall and Lauralea went with us and Lauralea won a doorprize.  Leo and I got to know some of the other soccer parents better and although it was lots of work it was fun too.

Today was the birthday celebration for my aunt.  She is going to be 80 on Wednesday.  We had a come and go tea for her and about 300 people showed up.  Aunty Florence is everyone’s auntie.  And Auntie Florence is how she is known to just about everyone in town.  But she really is my auntie.  She was my idol when I was little – I wanted to grow up to be just like her.  She is about as close to a saint as a person can get on this earth.  I’m not quite as much like her in that way! 

I must say the only thing not saintly about her is her driving – it is getting scary.  But the reasons why she needs to drive are saintly – she is always giving some one of her friends and aquaintances a ride.  And for years I depended on her to drive my children to their lessons while I was at work.  My kids loved having Auntie Florence pick them up.  She is a bit of a pushover when it comes to saying no to them and they would only have to mention that they were hungry and she would take them to A&W or McD’s. 

Anyway, I have about had enough late nights for this weekend and I am heading for my soft soft pillow.  Good night.


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And Shouldn't These Arms Be Black?

News of the death of  Bela on July 18, 2003  arrived by e-mail on Thursday .  News travels slowly sometimes – maybe no one thought the news was important.  Bela abnegated her motherhood early, probably too young to have much choice, choosing a lifestyle full of risks instead.   


Psalm 10: 17


Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless.

Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them.


Peace to the memory of Bela who gave us one of our most wonderful daughters.


And shouldn’t these arms be black?


The news comes.  Words;

Hard, cold and stark,

Stripped of tender intonation.

A death two full months past

Rips a strip of hope

From my young one’s heart.

Grief and tears flow forth,

Spilling in drops on my shoulders

As I hold her.


And shouldn’t these arms be black?

Should she not cradled be

By blood bonded love?

I feel a helpless stranger,

Intruder to the pain,

That I can never truly feel.

The mother’s arms

That never held her close,

Gone now forever.


She’s learned to shed her tears with me.

Arms willing to the task

Hold her in grief,

My pale hands

Caress her dark head.

God, you only know

How wrenched away are dreams,

The might have beens”,

She grieves for.



Psalm 27: 9 and 10


Don’t leave me now;

Don’t abandon me,

O God of my salvation!

Even if my father and my mother abandon me,

The Lord will hold me close.


Teach me how to live, O Lord.





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In my wanderings

In my wanderings around the web I have come across a blog that to me is full of words that inspire and fascinate me at the same time.  Check out Vivid and read the authors rendition of Psalm 88 – beautiful.


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The Handling of My Hand

As I go off to work again this morning, I want to share a prayer for the day from Esther de Waal’s book The Celtic Way of Prayer.  Part of the significance of this prayer to me is the phrase “Bless to me, O God, The handling of my hand”.  I work with my hands.  I use my hands to bring healing and repair to broken down mouths.  Often the people who come need more than just their teeth repaired.  My part in repairing broken people often seems pretty insignificant in the light of the fact that the parts that really need fixing are somewhere deep inside.  But I also believe that God can use the handling of my hands in ways beyond the superficial repair of teeth.  So God, I give you my hands again today – use them for your work. 



Bless to me, O God,

My soul and my body;

Bless to me, O God,

My belief and my condition;


Bless to me, O God,

My heart and my speech,

And bless to me, O God,

The handling of my hand;


Strength and busyness of morning,

Habit and temper of modesty,

Force and wisdom of thought,

And Thine own path, O God of virtues,

Till I go to sleep at night;


Thine own path, O God of virtues,

Till I go to sleep this night.



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Grey skies and moods

The skies are really grey overhead today.  The f” word has been spoken by the weather people that’s flurries” by the way.  The day is dreary and cold with a biting wind.  A fire in the fireplace would be nice tonight. I think it will freeze tonight it only made it up to about 7 oC here today.


On days like today, the weather seems to reflect my mood as well.  I seem to need the exposure to sunlight as much as a plant otherwise I tend to sink into a mild depression – an experience common enough to be recognized as a general problem today at school by one of my teenagers. 


And it has been a day of feeling a certain distance from God.  I know that weather is a stupid reason to feel far from God but that is the way it was today.  I had to tell myself that in spite of the clouds and my own depressed mood, God is no less by my side today. He is my ever present, unchanging Father.


         Psalm 145: 17 to 19


         The Lord is righteous in everything he does;

                he is filled with kindness.

          The Lord is close to all who call on him,

                yes, to all who call on him sincerely.

          He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;

                he hears their cries for help and rescues




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New books to read

I have just finished reading two books -Phillip Yancy’s The Jesus I Never Knew and Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace.  Quite different books but both good reads. 

A couple of friends and I are going to read and study The Jesus I Never Knew together.  I’m glad I’ve already had a chance to read it through once since it is full of lots of stuff that I can stand to read over more than once.  Sometimes it seems that I need more than one reading for things to sink in.  Discussing it with friends is bound to help too.

So I guess it will still be one of the books I am reading.

I am also going to start another book by Madelaine L’Engle Sold into Egypt  Joseph’s Journey into Human Being.  I enjoy M. L’Engle’s works so am expecting that it will be good too although it is less of a novel than her time trilogy’s.



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