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So I blew up just a little…

Sometimes at the end of the day everything just seems to have run out of steam.  I am tired and had to pick up kids then make supper and then go back out for groceries.  With all the festivities this weekend there wasn’t much time for the regular chores.  And the kids all seem to be so busy that the old schedule for household jobs just isn’t working.  I used to come home after work and one of the kids would have supper made or well on it’s way to being ready.  Now it is rare to come home and have anyone else here.  And if they are here, we probably have to go somewhere. 

So I blew up just a little at the kids tonight.  Sometimes they just don’t use their heads.  Tonight when one of them came home they ate someone else’s supper and that someone was pretty mad.  Can’t say as I blame them but it makes for generalized grumpiness around here. Could have all been spared this with a little considerate behaviour.

And then as I am trying to wash up some things in the sink, there is no hot water.  This furnace/boiler of ours has been a terrible pain – always breaking down and now winter is on the way so it has to work or we could be in big trouble.  And this furnace is not old – only about three years.  Very frustrating.

So I guess I should just go to bed, get a good sleep and maybe things will look better in the morning.  If I have to have a cold shower I think I will cry.

Update:    We got the furnace going again – had to reset it.  But why it quit?  I have no clue so I wonder when it will quit again?  You know what I mean? 

And the kids?  Well I hope their day is better today and that they actually listened and do the chores they agreed to do.  And I need to back off and let them do them without – well – blowing up too quickly!


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