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A great blog I recommend

Chuck at The World According to Chuck writes some really great stuff.  In his latest he is sending his daughter off to school.  And as I send one of my kids off to University too, I identify with the feeling that something is going to be missing around here.

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Birthday's and Old age

Sunday’s are always full of stuff to do.  Not work stuff, unless I have the misfortune of being on call, but full of family and kids and friends. 

My oldest son and wife were up from Saskatoon.  They moved some of Patrick’s stuff down to their place yesterday so they brought him home and stayed overnight.  They don’t come because we have the greatest beds that is for sure!  Usually they just sack out on the couch but last night Sara was away so Michelle got the use of her bed. 

Michelle’s mom lives on her farm just north of Prince Albert so they went out there for supper then back here to sleep so they could come to church with us this morning.  Today we all ate lunch with Steve and Lisa(our youth Pastor and wife) and Mathias.  Then Eric and Michelle headed back out to the farm to see Michelle’s mom again and then back in here to visit Grandpa who is 84 today.  They do an incredible amount of visiting while they are here – like non-stop!  I admire the way their relationships with people are so important to them.

I was visiting my dad too, before they arrived at his house, eating some cake and ice cream with my aunts who are also getting up in age.  The conversation was something else!  We were discussing (or at least they were) which were the better choices for seniors homes.  There is a new one being built just across the street from our church – fairly expensive.  Basically a room with a bath, common living and eating areas – very nice layout.  But the concern seemed to be that someone else might mistakingly take their stuff from one of these common areas and that would create conflict. The other concern was that they had better get on a list somewhere or you might end up needing a place and have nowhere good to go. I sat there thinking – is this going to be the subject of my conversation in another 30 years? 

I don’t know what I am thinking will be happening when I am 84- maybe that I would be discussing current events?  Grandchildren’s lives?  Music and artistic things?  Maybe I should go and get on a list and get that hurdle out of the way!  Ah Heck!  When I’m 84 it probably won’t matter what the people around me are discussing – it will all be new to me!


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