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That Clean Feeling

Our home is heated by hot water through a boiler, pipes, radiators.  We haven’t needed much heat over the past few weeks.  In fact every summer we keep wondering if there is any way that we could put air conditioning in.  Every year we run out of the necessary funds to even consider it so that is about as far as it goes.  This year, it sure would have been nice – but now we have made it to almost the end of August – surely it will start to cool off.

We have had more than our share of trouble with this boiler.  It was installed during a nice cold snap in February about two years ago – while we heated the house with every electrical heater we could get our hands on.  We survived for about a week then.

Last year we had a problem with one of the valves.  We discovered then that no shut off valves had been put into any of the four loops of circulating pipes. 

Also trouble with the air intake – if it doesn’t get enough air it shuts itself off.

We couldn’t call the plumbing company we had bought it from – they went out of business – wonder why?

Our hot water is heated through the same system. By the same boiler.  Yesterday morning we got up planning on nice warm showers.  No hot water!  This time the ignitor went.  And to make things worse, the part has to be ordered in.  This time we decided to go with the largest and most reliable plumber in the whole city.  They ordered the part and maybe today sometime we can finally get those warm showers we are all waiting for.  If not, well friends and relations – here we come!

Update:  The part came in! Yeah!!!  We have now been cleaned with hot water.  All ready for church tomorrow – can’t go to church without the good old Saturday bath!


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