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It's Bright and It's Orange

One of my daughters is in love with bright colours.  I promised her that she could paint her room this summer if she was willing to do most of the work herself.  And I did say that she could pick out her own colors but please not to pick black. 

Well she did Not pick black.  First of all there were several coats of Marigold Yellow.  She was disappointed because she really wanted Neon Orange and the color just was not orange enough for her.  So like a good (ie: too easily persuaded) mom, I went and bought a quart of Orange and we just spent the afternoon doing a thing to the walls with cheesecloth and paint.  Now it is orange!  With the stippled ceilings Marigold Yellow!  If you walk in you think you are a little closer to the sun – not desirable these hot days.  Maybe in the middle of the winter the brightness will help her to wake up early for school!

Next thing she is doing is to paint her furniture Lime Green.  No kidding!

I would have taken a picture (and maybe will later) but the camera has gone on a journey with it’s rightful owner.  Leo has gone down south.  In this province that is just about anywhere south of Prince Albert.  He is going to the deep south- south of Assiniboia – down into French Canadian territory.  He grew up in the little town of Lisieux and this weekend is going down to help his brother pour cement.  They are pouring a grave cover for his father who passed away a few years ago now. 

Rachelle, our oldest daughter, is driving down with him, which is nice since it is a long drive.  She is anxious to see the dog which she gave to Uncle Paul because the dog was too rambuncious for our backyard.

Patrick is also in the process of moving down to Saskatoon.  He moved out some of his stuff this afternoon.  I think he will enjoy university but is a little bit nervous about it all.  Glad he’s going to be living with Eric and Michelle (our oldest son and wife). 



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Dallaire's Book

On his site Jordan Cooper links to the Globe and mail’s story on the book by Gen. Dalliare Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda.  It looks like for the Africa aficionados and for those concerned with the cause of justice in this world, it will be a must read.

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