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The God of Forever

I promised I would relate to you some of what God taught me during my too short stay up at Anglin Lake.  I think the quietness of it being the middle of the week with the abscence of weekend crowds gave me the space and privacy I needed for a real spiritual retreat.



I recorded this in my journal:


When I have time and a good book and lots of opportunity to sit and talk to God, I begin to feel at one with this earth.  The magnitude of all God has created coupled with the smallness of me make me more acutely aware of the greatness of his sacrifice and full of wonder that he did it for me.  And I am aware that God has been here caring for this part of the earth far longer than me or my immigrant ancestors have been present in this place.  God has been here forever, we didn’t bring him.  If our task is to introduce the people around us to the sacrifice and love of his son, Jesus, then we need to resee them through his eyes. 



There are so many mysteries.

You have been here forever.

When the far distant ancestors of my children lived on this land,

Before my immigrant ancestors interrupted their ways of living,

Did they know you at all?

Are you the Creator God they revered

Since you were always here seeking them?

Did you accept their care for this land as hommage to you

As yet unknown?

Have we utterly failed to love these people as you require?

Open our eyes Lord and forgive us our sins.

Remove the stumbling block of our predjudice

And teach us your ways.


Oh God!  Hear my prayer!



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