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Trip to Banff

Yesterday my sisters, who live in Cochrane, and I spent a day together. We headed up to the Banff and Canmore areas. We did some things none of our husbands would much appreciate doing – like visiting the show homes just east of Canmore. What magnificent homes! What expensive homes! Of course the one we liked the most was only 1.2 million.

Then in to Canmore for lunch and a visit to a fudge store. Up to Johnson Lake where we watched the helicopters coming in to fill up there buckets for firefighting. A constant turnaround as the fire was just east of there – quite close to the highway. Got some interesting pictures which I will post later. Then in towards Banff for a short hike. Thought we would visit Banff too for some ice cream but as we drove into the town we realized that they were having a power outage – due to the fire not the big black out in the east of Canada. So we revisited Canmore for the ice cream.

The smoke lies heavily over the city of Calgary this morning. The downtown area completely invisible from Sarcee trail where it rises overlooking the city.

Tomorrow we return home. It will be good to get back to my own computer.

Watch for a change over the next couple of weeks as I switch over to hosting by Prairie Fusion.

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