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Here I am in Cochrane, Alberta, home of the world famous Cochrane ice cream. I haven’t had any yet but will before I leave. I think you can only get it here and in Calgary(today I saw a place in Calgary selling it) and it is all made here in this pretty growing town.

I used to think that Cochrane was a strange place – all new houses in their neat little rows. No slums. No place that could be considered the bad part of town. Some places that could definitely be called the rich part of town though. (We’re not there!) It actually lacks a lot of the character that a place like Prince Albert has. We have excitement and police action – check out Randall’s blog. Saskatoon seems to have the same.

Yesterday, I traveled from Prince Albert to Pigeon Lake via Edmonton, then on down to Cochrane. Left at 8 am. And got here around 8 pm. Only a slight detour in Edmonton trying to find the #2 South. Last night I was exhausted. It felt so good to lie down. Then the alarm went off! I got two very sleepy dancers out of bed and off we went again. Rush hour traffic wasn’t half bad. We got downtown in way under an hour – even had time to take them for breakfast before getting them registered.

Then as any good bibliophile does, I found a bookstore and passed a very quick hour there. I came away with a heavy bag and a lighter purse. I got some great books and a couple new CD’s.

Calgary has done some very nice things as far as preserving green spaces in their city. I spent about three hours in a park down by the Eau Claire Centre. It was a beautiful day to spend in the park with some books.

I decided to try blogging from my sister’s. I didn’t remember how slow a dial-up connection was. It challenges my patience and takes so long that it makes it difficult to follow links and find some of my favorite blogs. I might try this again one more time before I leave.

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