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On a Trip

I probably won’t be blogging much over the next week. I’m off to Calgary via Edmonton and Pigeon Lake where Covenant Bay Bible Camp is located. Drop Sara off there and then go down to Calgary where Grace and her friend Nathalie will attend a dance workshop. I get to stay with my sisters and drive in to the downtown centre of Calgary every day for a week at rush hour and back out to Cochrane every day at rush hour too. When my kids are rich and famous they had better put me in a really nice nursing home! They owe me.

Now I just have to see if I can get onto my sister and brother-in-law’s computer to check up on all of you while I am away. I’m hoping to convince my niece, who is entering the school of journalism at the U of Regina to start up a blog of her own.

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Reading: The Story We Find Ourselves In

I have just finished reading Brian McLaren’s book The Story We Find Ourselves In. I don’t think I have been so profoundly affected by a book in a long time. Let’s see if I can come close to explaining why.

First of all it tells a story that describes my faith. It tells the story of God as I have gradually been coming to understand it over the years. What he says isn’t new to me but it confirms and validates a lot of what I have come to understand about my faith over the years.

Secondly I learned a lot of new things. Some of the doctrines of the church are extremely hard to comprehend. So, usually, what I do with stuff I don’t understand is to place it in it’s own little closet and shut the door. I know what I should be believing, or what someone has told me I should be believing, but since it doesn’t make much sense to me, I just store it. Now I think I see and it is starting to make sense.

Thirdly I have been frustrated by the lack of relevance of the church in my children’s lives. I see I am not alone. And this book has given me some hope that I might learn better how to communicate this story of God to them so that they see where they fit in too.

Fourthly and this is sort of sad, I can see where some of those of you involved in church ministries can be so frustrated. We in the congregation have been sidetracked into following a path where no one else is going anymore except ourselves. Jesus is out there walking with the people in the world and we’re oblivious that we took the wrong turn back at the fork in the road. Put our songlasses on so the light wouldn’t hurt our eyes so much or something! Now we hardly need them any more because the light is not so bright!

Fifthly – and this part is scary. The ending of the book is all too likely a possibility and I don’t want it to happen. But for it not to happen we the congregations of churches – have got to make a major shift. And are we ready? I feel like I have very little control over the ending but maybe that is part of my role as a church leader to make the ending for us turn out differently. At least I will be alert.

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