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Vanishing Archives

Somehow my archives have vanished from my home page – just become invisible.. They are still there on my posting site but they are sure not there on my home page. And I don’t have a clue what I did to bring about this disappearance.

It may be all Randall’s fault since he was here tonight helping me put a site meter on my page. And that is when the mysterious disappearance occurred – or shortly thereafter. But if I blame him then he might get insulted and not help me with maybe getting my stuff moved over to a different server so I can’t do that. At least I don’t have comments yet so he can’t leave me a nasty reply!

While Randall was here we were talking about the book The Story We Find Ourselves In by Brian McLaren. I am not done yet but the way the author relates the story of the Good News is so simple yet so profound. It just makes so much sense to me since I do see things through scientific eyes to some extent.
As I’m reading it, there is the rather startling realization that he is telling the story that I am in and that I believe, and he is telling it as I have always wanted to tell it.

If you are of a similar (ie: scientific mindset) then you may want to visit the site of The Canadian Scientific And Christian Affiliation and read more about this organization.

Update:  The vanishing archives were found – Randall you are off the hook.  My appologies!!!!

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CHIC Kids Return

Thursday was kind of a blur.

It started off with a wonderful breakfast with a few friends at Lauralea’s table. Wonderful scones and jam. I haven’t had gooseberry jam for ages! And Lauralea’s cherry jelly was – well it did make one want to eat too many scones! Thank you so much Lauralea. It was a treat.

Then I was off and running – quite literally driving – for the rest of the day. I had to be in Saskatoon before 12:30, pick up my son and his wife who were leaving for Washington D.C. for a wedding, drop them at the airport and then pick up the returning CHICers who were coming in at 1:00 on the same plane my other kids were leaving on. I was told later that not much sleeping was done by these three the night before. In fact maybe none – Don’t they look alert! And here’s another one that didn’t get much sleep either along with the fatigued looking fearless leader.

We went directly back up to Prince Albert after a short stop (I had three guys in my car) at Mc D”s. Got home in time to rest my eyes for 30 minutes then headed off for Saskatoon again to get there in time for a soccer game – by 6:00. The Celtics recorded their first loss of the season. They were outplayed – I hate to admit it – by Saskatoon Hollandia and lost 2-1. Hopefully a loss will make them sharpen up their game. Not too good for one to go through life never losing!

Needless to say, when I got home at 11:00, I was exhausted and hit the hay!

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