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The Lower Room

We worshiped in the lower sanctum today. Around tables no less – except for some of the older folks who took over the sofa – my dad included. It was good. It was good to think about how to be salt and light to our city. Now we just have to actually put it into action – that is the hard part. To find how God wants to use us and then do something about it instead of just pondering over the idea – forever – and never get anything happening. (And no! We will not look for committee members to organize this! That would surely kill it!)

We shared in communion today as well. To me this is the highlight of every month as far as my liturgical experiences go. To share in an act of remembrance so significant – well it is just very special to me. It reminds me every time what a great sacrifice he made and how he gave up so freely all he ever had to save us. First in the incarnation – God giving us his son to live among us becoming every bit as human as we are. Then in his death – giving up his very life for us so that we do not have to be defeated by evil. And we have the hope of living forever with him so that whatever we encounter on this pretty scary earth is not all there is.

We were out of comfortable pews today and it was OK. No one complained that I know of.

After church we had more than the usual numbers helping to wash up too. That was a small blessing in itself. I sent Michelle, my daughter-in-law on ahead to our house to start getting lunch ready. We put it in the oven and headed out for a quick trip to a potters house and workshop.

Michelle always has the neatest ideas for gifts and the wedding they are attending is special so a special gift is needed. She told me of some of the ideas she had but passed on – she is an environmentalist with strong links to our Saskatchewan land. One idea was taking the body of a dead but undamaged(for the most part she said) toad of some sort and having it bronzed. But she thought that although she would love it she wasn’t sure the friend’s bride would be. Another was the hawk she found and had mounted but thought the bride might have the same reaction as with the toad.

The pottery is very special. It is the form of a bison. A beautiful rich brown hue with just the right amount of darker brown mottling. The artist who sculpts these incorporates the ground remains of prairie buffalo bones into the clay. So they are a bit real bison. What a beautiful gift – a work of art and a bit of Saskatchewan.

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