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Tearing out the weeds

Today was another day with lots of gardening going on. I even got Sara to join me(with the promise of a little cold cash) in hacking down and pulling out a batch of weeds by the fence. Looks a bit better in the driveway. And I whacked down some weeds that were really wild in the old dog run we have in the back. They were beginning to cover up the clump of volunteer raspberries and so I was rewarded with a tasty treat. The old blossoms on the rose bushes all were deadheaded and everything got watered.

It is good to be physically working in the yard sometimes. I hope I get a bit tanned from it without getting burned of course. I’m always so pale. Comes from being the whitest one of the bunch maybe.

For lunch we(Sara and I) went out with Annette, Kieran and Annette’s Auntie Coleen. Kieran was his usual quiet contented self until the end when he decided it was time we gave him something to eat too. Only one of us could do that so he broke up our party and went home with mom to eat.

I finished reading Leonard Sweet’s Soul Cafe today too. There is too much stuff in there to retain at one reading. I’ll probably put it down for awhile and then go back to it. It is a bit like being at a banquet table with all of the richest dishes in front of you. You’d like to eat it all but it is impossible so you have to keep taking just enough to get a taste and then go back and eat again and again. But you also have to push away from it all and do some digesting too. I think I need time to digest for awhile.

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Vern's Gone Home

Last night got the news that an old friend had gone Home. He and his wife were, at one time, missionaries in the Congo. They had left the Congo before we arrived but came out for a short working visit during our time there. And he was a medical doctor so we spent a good deal of time together while they were there. They returned to Canada during their retirement and we visited a few times. Always lots of fun – reminiscing about Congo stuff, sharing jokes and stories. He had a very aggressive form of cancer so it has only been a short time since the diagnosis. A very short time. He chose not to do the chemotherapy. Letting go and going on. Now he is Home.

Bring peace and comfort into Vangie’s life right now. Bring her and her children the strength they need to get through the next few days – the numbing days of loss and funeral busyness. Continue to be there with them as the days go on and the loss becomes more real.

May the memory of Vern and his life continue to inspire all of us who knew him.


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