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A Busy Day

Today has been a full day. I suspected it would be. In the wee hours of the morning the phone rang and another mother worrying about her son was on the line. Why do kids have to get so darned independent when we need the assurance of knowing where they are. Subtle rebellion or simply uncaring disregard for our concerns? Who knows? So I had a couple of sleepers still at my house when I got Christian up to go to worship practice. They were still sleeping when we all got back from church.

I thought I would have to rush home between worship practice and church to pick up my girls but Patrick who had spent the night at The Forks (this is the place where the North and South Saskatchewan rivers converge not some sleazy restaurant) came home in time for church and brought them with him. He went to camp out with a group from Quebec who are retracing one of the furtrade routes up to the Hudson Bay from Portland Oregon. It poured in the night and he got soaked.

Then I went up to the hospital to pick up my kids and the new grandson – homegoing day. My son owns a very beat up old 3/4 ton truck that is ok for work but not good enough to bring home his woman and babe. They desperately need a car but his fledgling business hasn’t made him very well off so far. And some of his choices haven’t been the wisest in hindsight. He owns a very nice 2000 Ninja motorbike but it is not good baby transportation either and he has had no luck so far selling it so he can buy a car. So if anyone has a great car – Annette would like an automatic- for only a few thousand dollars or to trade for a bike let me know!

The soccer game started at 3:00. I had to be there at 2:00 to sell admission tickets but I think that is one fundraiser that flopped. I only sold 3 and the other seller sold about 10. That sure won’t send them to nationals in Nova Scotia if they win the playoffs. They won today’s match and so are tied for first place with Regina Queen City. Next weekend will be a huge match. As big as the world cup for these girls. Sara says she is already nervous for next Saturday.

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Do you know why you can’t tickle yourself? Read about it I wonder if it is the same mechanism that allows us to block our being ticklish when others tickle us?

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My Saturday

Today started out absolutely perfect. A clear blue sky, warm and quiet. Swinging in my lawn swing on the deck with a cup of coffee and a bagel. Working on some poetry in the early morning, reading and talking to God. It was great.

I had to spend some time restocking the larders and then made a quick trip up to the hospital to see my kids before heading off to Saskatoon with Sara and her teammate for a league game. I got to listen to my music since the girls fell asleep. That is one of my favorite things to do too – drive and listen to music that I like.

It was HOT sitting in the shade watching that game – even for 4:00pm it was hot. Sara was on the field the whole game. It’s a wonder no one passed out.

After the game we all went to Boston Pizza thinking that they would have good air conditioning. Whew, it was hot in that place and it took us two hours to get served and eat. Sure went through the free refills on the iced tea. The girls are all supposed to eat healthily – no pop. Funny how a coach can get them to do that and follow his orders even when he is not watching! Mothers don’t get allowed to dictate that kind of stuff and be obeyed! Not fair.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Worship practice, church, drive kid to work, lend car to kids to bring baby home from hospital, to soccer game where I have to do my job of selling tickets, somewhere in there lunch. Going to be good when and if I get home in the evening.

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Paul Brand Dies at 89.

For those who have been involved in the treatment and prevention of Leprosy, as Leo was and as Jacques, the father of Patrick and Christian is, the death of Paul Brand is significant. A pioneer in medicine/ surgery and a man who followed God. A good example of someone who gave their most excellent work to God.

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My Special Grandson – Pictures Too

I just came back from the hospital. My kids are doing fine and my grandson is the most beautiful kid in the world. Sorry all you other parents and grandparents who thought you had good looking kids. This one is pretty special to me. And a pretty special gift to two kids who just about a year and a half ago had to say goodby to their first son after only two days. Annette’s comment about Kieran -“He’s perfect” Link 1Kieran, closer , 2Kieran, Don’t bother me now ,3Kieran, He’s perfect ,4Kieran,Dad’s pride and you can see Kieran too.

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Alex McManus

Flipping through some of the blogs and stuff I read, I came across this article by Alex McManus I thought it described people in churches/fellowships pretty accurately.

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One Big Mess – One Big Blessing

Yesterday Leo and Christian left for Calgary to have an interview at the US consulate for Christian’s visa so he can attend CHIC in Knoxville, TN at the end of the month. This has been a big concern for us since we want to see him go, we have already paid a few dollars towards his trip, etc. And we have been praying that the event will be a blessing to him in his somewhat struggling walk of faith. He is Congolese. A landed immigrant, to be sure, but still with the cursed Congolese passport. That means that no one trusts you and you have to prove that you have enough ties in your adopted land to ensure that you will return there.

If we tried to make more of a mess of the whole process I am not sure how we could have improved on it. I got home from work at 5:30 to find all the papers and the passport on the kitchen table. Thank God for cell phones. I called them and they had been blissfully ignorant of the missing papers for about the last 600 kilometers. So they turned around and headed home. I was to drive and meet them somewhere along the way.

Just then in walked our oldest son – having one day off with his wife. “Don’t worry, Mom,” he said, “I’ll go.” So we all switched vehicles so that he would take the one that uses the least fuel. And off he and his wife went – in separate vehicles so she could drive their car to Saskatoon where it had to go in for some maintenance. What a way to spend your one evening together in two weeks!

The envelope exchange happened in Rosetown. And then I got another call. In the package there were no report cards, no letter of registration proving that Christian was indeed registered for CHIC. So another chase began. I called my sister in Calgary. They would get the papers to Christian if I could fax them before 9 am. They would then drive into Calgary and meet the guys.

Another phone call to Randall. “Please can you write me a letter that looks real official saying that Christian is indeed part of the youth group going- PLEASE” And I dug out the report cards, etc.

Funny. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one too!

This morning the fax went through. I was doing a lot of praying and a lot of other people were too. At noon I got a phone call. The visa was granted! Wow! God is good. Only he could have pulled this one off. It looks like all we can claim the credit for in this is a whole lot of mistakes made.

I wonder if God is trying to teach us a lesson in just who is really in control – us, governments and immigration officers – or himself?

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