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PA Pearls

A friend of ours and noted writer of important medical trivia writes a medical journal of note. Want some fun medical reading check out the PA Pearls

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Translations – Which One?

I was catching up on some blogging, dropping in on some sites that I missed reading over the weekend. Leighton Tebay blogged about different translations of the Bible the other day and it started me to thinking, especially the comments.

Sounds like the different versions are in a competition for accuracy. And these are only the English versions!

Those of us who are not in the translation/hermeneutics business appreciate you scholars wanting us to have an accurate translation. Going back to the original texts sure wouldn’t mean much to me! And literal translations are usually very bad when read in the language they are translated into. I like the way the Wyclif people translate – finding the closest equivalents in the local culture to express what the best scholars say the Bible states in the originals or other good translations.

I want a Bible that is accurate and I have to depend on scholars for that. But I also want one that is meaningful, that I can pick up and read and through it have God speak to me. To do that it needs to speak to me in my language and have relevance in the context of the culture in which I live. Sometimes it needs to speak to me in new words that wake me up. Sometime it needs to speak to me in poetry that touches my inner self. God is speaking to me through his recorded words while at the same time, if I am listening for his voice, he will be raising my awareness of how his words have meaning for my life. No translation will have a lot of meaning if my inner ears are too plugged up to hear him.

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Home Again – after Vancouver

It’s been a busy day. It always takes awhile for me to get things back together after being away for a few days. You know, the “mom” stuff doesn’t get done by anyone else. So today I got a few things straightened out but my suitcase still has stuff in it. And it is too hot to do much in our house.

The weekend in Vancouver was very good as far as the course goes. But by Sunday afternoon by about 3:00, my brain kind of switched off. Fortunately, the lecturer provides all his presentations on CD and so I can go over everything I didn’t catch the first time around. I hate the courses I have to pay hundreds of dollars to go to where the lecturer doesn’t even provide printed handouts.

Sunday evening was spent just the way I wanted to – visiting with my cousin over a leisurely feast of seafood. It has been a long time since I really visited with her. She’s a bit older than me and has some health issues that mean she faces things now that most of us just put on the back burner. As she said it is not so much the going that bothers her it is just the how of going that bothers her. I think that is probably how many of us feel.

Then coming back to Saskatoon early enough to do a few things was nice. It was like having a day off. Got up to visit my sister-in-law in the hospital and see her huge incision. She’s doing well but says she’d never choose to have that done again!

And got to spend some time with Eric – and take him out for a bowl of soup at Alexanders. Leo and I used to go out often to a restaurant at the same location back in the days… And then a great blog party that evening at Coopers.

It is always good to come home. Now if we just had air conditioning!

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Chaos again

It was a hot muggy day yesterday. My morning was spent helping to decorate for the Grand March and grad dance tonight. It was fairly chaotic but sort of fun to be in on the preparations. The group I was working with discovered the most efficient way to cut paper from a huge roll to cover tables. The most disgusting thing we discovered is that only two of the toilet stalls in the gymnasium women’s’ bathroom actually work. There will be over a thousand people at this event. I think it will be best to not drink too much!

A good part of my afternoon was spent looking back through old photos making a memory scrap book for Patrick. I hope we don’t just make him feel sad because his parents could not be here. We don’t have a lot of photos from his life in the Congo. People there just don’t have the resources to go around snapping photos of their kids. And then I had to write up a little something about him. This is for our supper tonight with two other families of his best friends.

Last night it started to rain. It must be an answer to prayer for the firefighters just north of the city. A big fire was going up by Candle lake. Prince Albert sat in a blue haze from the smoke. My oldest son, Eric, works for a septic pumping company in the summer and they do those huge lagoons from pig barns. They also pump for fire fighting when there are forest fires so are very busy right now. His wife drove down a replacement worker to where he is(Elrose) so he can come up for Patrick’s grad.

I think I will be glad when life gets back to normal at our house. I wonder if that will ever happen!

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Worship Alone – Vancouver

This morning my worship involved getting up and having my own quiet time with God. At “church time” I was again filling my head with orthodontic facts.

I read from Matthew 12:9-14

Jesus didn’t fit in very well with the established religious community of his day. Their values were skewed. They had lots of detail in the rules they made and followed but those rules didn’t take them closer to God.

The Pharisees ask Jesus, “Is it legal to work by healing on the Sabbath day?”
They know the legalities – Jesus knew the correct answer – he didnt confront them with the narrowness of their legalities though. He asked them a question in return.

What is more valuable- a sheep who you can rescue because it is in your economic interests to do so – or a person of no economic value who needs help?

If the Pharisees had seen the world through the eyes of God – eyes of love and concern, they would have gotten it. Instead they see their way of life threatened and begin to plot against Jesus.

God is too much of a threat to the status quo.

What do we value more – our economic safety or peoples lives? We need to be careful of what becomes our driving force in life. Sometimes we need to forget the status quo and live more on the edge – out where God wants us.

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Smiley – Vancouver

I decided to blog in from Vancouver. The hotel has internet in the lobby so here goes.

On my way in to Vancouver from the airport my taxi driver was from the east – probably India I guess. On the floor he had a tambourine. Being interested in music, I asked him if he passed his time playing his tambourine.
“Yes,” he said, “It is good for the mind – to relax.”

So, curious, I asked what kind of music he played. “Hindu music,” he replied.

The guy managing the taxi queue had called him “Smiley”. And he was a very happy looking guy. Maybe his music helped. Obviously he had a reputation.

I wonder if joy shines through me like that?

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Sara's Soccer Picnic

Yesterday in the evening we went to Sara’s soccer team’s picnic at the Little Red Park. The girls had their usual run but this time up the ski hill. Then we all sat around and roasted wieners and ate too much. Got to know some of the other parents better too.
Picnic photos

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