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CHIC'ers Make it to Tennessee

The kids arrived in Tennessee. Just got a phone call from my two. They called with the most popular request kids everywhere make – please send more money. I guess there was a slight mixup and no day before or day after reservations were made for them. So it will cost a few extra dollars. I have really come to appreciate internet banking. Only trouble is, it is too easy for kids to catch on too.

The kids will learn an important lesson about travel – check the reservations. I guess we parents can be held partly responsible. Next time…

I really regret the extra hassle this will cause the two counselor/chaperones.

Any way on a more upbeat note – Grace left me a wonderful little note under my pillow before she left. It is a very special note to me because what she said was so significant in the light of some stuff that has happened this week in her life. I am praying that God will meet her in a very special way at CHIC this week- Christian as well.

This morning Grace McK and I were at the church for Gate Crashers. As we sat and shared and prayed together, I was made aware of the deep need I have to develop meaningful relationships with fellow Christians. I need the support of their prayers and they of mine. And we talked about the need to mentor our young people as they grow in the faith but how hard it is to get a legitimate entry into their lives. This is something – one of the many things – we need to do in our church community . But it can’t be some program set up. It has to grow out of a genuine interest in each other.

Help me be part of the building process. Show me, timid, introverted me, where I can be useful. Help me to discover ways to connect with some of the young people in our church and take the initiative to do something to make the connection.

And God help those kids down at CHIC to discover You in new ways this week. Let the difficulties of traveling fade away in the light of seeing and meeting with you this week. Do not let the problems they have run into overwhelm them or their leaders. And help us parents not to be critical and petty about whose fault it was that some things did not get done “right”. Give us the grace to allow some forgiveness for errors made. Protect our kids while they are in Tennessee.


I was just thinking – Christ traveled much farther from his home and at a much younger age. He knows all about the complications of traveling and finding no room at the end of the journey. He’ll be there with our kids. I think we can count of that!

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