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Ups and Downs

Today has been a day of real downers and real uppers. One of the real good things was having friends over and just having a very good time. We don’t do this enough. And it was so nice out. Can’t say the same for inside our house tonight though. Wish it would cool down as fast inside as out.

As for the downer stuff, well it happened. Sometimes I think the evil one likes to get his jabs in at us through the chinks in our armor. And it hurts when he gets through the defenses. And I suspect he knows my most vulnerable spot is my kids. So if he wants me to start worrying he knows how to get to me.

So help me to remember, God, your care for them and trust them into your care. And give me wisdom enough to know what to say and what not to say. Help me to be a firm but loving mom. And throw up your protective barrier around my little erring one.

Now goodnight all. I’m beat.

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Just Another Day

I just went to post and lost everything. Rats!…

This afternoon I had to buy a “new” fridge for the office. I am never a big spender so found one in the “Penny Pinchers” of our local paper. I went over to one of the worst parts of our illustrious city. The gentleman I bought it from has lived on that street for a number of years. He said he just “lost “his wife on June 1st so we sat and talked a bit while he wrote out the receipt. He said that his neighborhood was actually pretty safe. The news was on and he was pretty upset with the verdict in a well publicized trial. He felt that men should not be asking a “little” girl to go for a ride. Whatever happened in actual fact I imagine that the young woman will always be the most adversely affected. Life is a mess sometimes.

Tonight Leo and I sat and watched a movie. The kids all seem to have their own agenda tonight so we were pretty much free to do what we wanted for a change. Leo went to the Video store a few weeks ago and instead of renting a movie came back with half a dozen tapes. They were such a good deal. I’m not the only one in this house who likes a deal! The movie we watched was Instinct. It had a good story line although the ending was a bit implausible.

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