Ten Things I liked the Best About the Congo

Ten Things I liked the Best About the Congo

Maybe its just the warmth of this night but I am reminiscing about some good Congo memories.
1. Walking in the light of a full moon hearing the people in the neighboring village sing and dance as the drums beat.

2. Walking at night under a sky so lit by stars that no full moon was needed to see.

3. The scent of Frangi pangi and coffee blossoms

4. Sitting around the fire talking to good friends, the kids roasting ears of corn.

5. Floating in small warm Lake Kwada while on vacation

6. The variety of friends – Congolese, Belgian, Portuguese, Dutch, American and British. Merchants and missionaries, priests, sisters and co -workers

7. New Years at Bobadi. Playing Monopoly with Pere Marcel translating the chance cards from Dutch for us

8. Riding my motorbike with the warm wind on my face, little arms encircling me as we ride.

9. Bananas – just at the peak of ripeness – a whole stalk hanging there. Pick and eat.

10. Incredible hospitality, incredible generosity

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