Bringing Them Home – Maybe

Today we had a call from Jacques in the Congo. We are in the process of applying for visa’a for the younger siblings of Patrick and Christain to come and attend school here. They are in a situation that is not altogether safe, especially considering a lot of sexual/moral risks for young girls growing up there. Jacques has some serious concerns for his son and daughters.

Anyways, the papers we sent from here have arrived and Jacques sets out now for Abijan in the Ivory Coast with the children. That is a long trip with three kids and the end results are not a sure thing. It will be stressful for them I am sure. Our prayers are that they will be granted student visas.

I am also going to have to adjust to having three new members of the family if they come. And for that I will need lots of prayer. Leo will work harder to support a few more kids. I will have all the mothering issues that will most surely come up especially with two ten year old girls leaving their mother for a stranger at such a critical time in their emotional lives. Yikes! Pray hard!

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