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PA Pearls

A friend of ours and noted writer of important medical trivia writes a medical journal of note. Want some fun medical reading check out the PA Pearls

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Translations – Which One?

I was catching up on some blogging, dropping in on some sites that I missed reading over the weekend. Leighton Tebay blogged about different translations of the Bible the other day and it started me to thinking, especially the comments.

Sounds like the different versions are in a competition for accuracy. And these are only the English versions!

Those of us who are not in the translation/hermeneutics business appreciate you scholars wanting us to have an accurate translation. Going back to the original texts sure wouldn’t mean much to me! And literal translations are usually very bad when read in the language they are translated into. I like the way the Wyclif people translate – finding the closest equivalents in the local culture to express what the best scholars say the Bible states in the originals or other good translations.

I want a Bible that is accurate and I have to depend on scholars for that. But I also want one that is meaningful, that I can pick up and read and through it have God speak to me. To do that it needs to speak to me in my language and have relevance in the context of the culture in which I live. Sometimes it needs to speak to me in new words that wake me up. Sometime it needs to speak to me in poetry that touches my inner self. God is speaking to me through his recorded words while at the same time, if I am listening for his voice, he will be raising my awareness of how his words have meaning for my life. No translation will have a lot of meaning if my inner ears are too plugged up to hear him.

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