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Home Again – after Vancouver

It’s been a busy day. It always takes awhile for me to get things back together after being away for a few days. You know, the “mom” stuff doesn’t get done by anyone else. So today I got a few things straightened out but my suitcase still has stuff in it. And it is too hot to do much in our house.

The weekend in Vancouver was very good as far as the course goes. But by Sunday afternoon by about 3:00, my brain kind of switched off. Fortunately, the lecturer provides all his presentations on CD and so I can go over everything I didn’t catch the first time around. I hate the courses I have to pay hundreds of dollars to go to where the lecturer doesn’t even provide printed handouts.

Sunday evening was spent just the way I wanted to – visiting with my cousin over a leisurely feast of seafood. It has been a long time since I really visited with her. She’s a bit older than me and has some health issues that mean she faces things now that most of us just put on the back burner. As she said it is not so much the going that bothers her it is just the how of going that bothers her. I think that is probably how many of us feel.

Then coming back to Saskatoon early enough to do a few things was nice. It was like having a day off. Got up to visit my sister-in-law in the hospital and see her huge incision. She’s doing well but says she’d never choose to have that done again!

And got to spend some time with Eric – and take him out for a bowl of soup at Alexanders. Leo and I used to go out often to a restaurant at the same location back in the days… And then a great blog party that evening at Coopers.

It is always good to come home. Now if we just had air conditioning!

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