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Chaos again

It was a hot muggy day yesterday. My morning was spent helping to decorate for the Grand March and grad dance tonight. It was fairly chaotic but sort of fun to be in on the preparations. The group I was working with discovered the most efficient way to cut paper from a huge roll to cover tables. The most disgusting thing we discovered is that only two of the toilet stalls in the gymnasium women’s’ bathroom actually work. There will be over a thousand people at this event. I think it will be best to not drink too much!

A good part of my afternoon was spent looking back through old photos making a memory scrap book for Patrick. I hope we don’t just make him feel sad because his parents could not be here. We don’t have a lot of photos from his life in the Congo. People there just don’t have the resources to go around snapping photos of their kids. And then I had to write up a little something about him. This is for our supper tonight with two other families of his best friends.

Last night it started to rain. It must be an answer to prayer for the firefighters just north of the city. A big fire was going up by Candle lake. Prince Albert sat in a blue haze from the smoke. My oldest son, Eric, works for a septic pumping company in the summer and they do those huge lagoons from pig barns. They also pump for fire fighting when there are forest fires so are very busy right now. His wife drove down a replacement worker to where he is(Elrose) so he can come up for Patrick’s grad.

I think I will be glad when life gets back to normal at our house. I wonder if that will ever happen!

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