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Worship Alone – Vancouver

This morning my worship involved getting up and having my own quiet time with God. At “church time” I was again filling my head with orthodontic facts.

I read from Matthew 12:9-14

Jesus didn’t fit in very well with the established religious community of his day. Their values were skewed. They had lots of detail in the rules they made and followed but those rules didn’t take them closer to God.

The Pharisees ask Jesus, “Is it legal to work by healing on the Sabbath day?”
They know the legalities – Jesus knew the correct answer – he didnt confront them with the narrowness of their legalities though. He asked them a question in return.

What is more valuable- a sheep who you can rescue because it is in your economic interests to do so – or a person of no economic value who needs help?

If the Pharisees had seen the world through the eyes of God – eyes of love and concern, they would have gotten it. Instead they see their way of life threatened and begin to plot against Jesus.

God is too much of a threat to the status quo.

What do we value more – our economic safety or peoples lives? We need to be careful of what becomes our driving force in life. Sometimes we need to forget the status quo and live more on the edge – out where God wants us.

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Smiley – Vancouver

I decided to blog in from Vancouver. The hotel has internet in the lobby so here goes.

On my way in to Vancouver from the airport my taxi driver was from the east – probably India I guess. On the floor he had a tambourine. Being interested in music, I asked him if he passed his time playing his tambourine.
“Yes,” he said, “It is good for the mind – to relax.”

So, curious, I asked what kind of music he played. “Hindu music,” he replied.

The guy managing the taxi queue had called him “Smiley”. And he was a very happy looking guy. Maybe his music helped. Obviously he had a reputation.

I wonder if joy shines through me like that?

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