Bright clouds

Tonight we were in a deacon meeting and coming out of the church there was a bank of clouds off to the west – one of those post card perfect clouds with the sun centered right behind it sending off rays all around. One of those second coming picture sorts of clouds.

I had some shopping to do down at Superstore – had to get supplies both for the office and for home. While I was in doing this it rained – poured.

Meanwhile, the bank of clouds had moved completely to the east. A billowing bank of clouds pillowed up into many layers of bright pink on grey. Stunning! And no camera!

Tomorrow I’m off to Vancouver. To fill my brain with all sorts of useful stuff about orthodontics. I know the course will be good. It’s the second half of a four day course and I’ve already done the first half. So I am looking forward to it – but I will be spending most of my time in beautiful Vancouver in a hotel conference room – 8 to 5, Saturday and Sunday.

Two things I want to do – visit my cousin in Port Coquitlam and eat some seafood, oh yeah, maybe find a good store or two. I have to bring my grandson something ’cause I’ve heard that’s what grandparents do. And I hear there is a bumper crop of cherries in BC this year – maybe a case of cherries for the blog party at Coopers. That would be nice. We could eat ourselves sick!

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