Vietnamese Food

Today some of my staff, our summer student and I went to a little Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. We usually don’t have time but today it worked out so that we could do it by ordering ahead. Mmmmn, the barbecue pork and spring rolls on vermicelli was wonderful. Saigon River is a good place to eat.

It is also interesting from a “religious ” point of view. There is a little shrine right down on the floor in front of the cash register. Today there were some oranges and a banana placed in front of it.

It is fun to have a summer student with us again this year. I like going into my teacher mode. Yesterday I got to walk him through a fairly difficult extraction. He’s a good and eager learner. He’ll do well. He’s good with people too.

We also have a “locums” dentist this summer. She spends a few weeks with us each year. Her husband plays for the NHL (Steve Kelly- LA Kings) and they spend their summers up at Christopher Lake. She hasn’t lived long enough in one place in the states to bother getting a license there and she is busy being a mom so we provide her a place to keep her dental skills current. She’s fun to have around the office too.

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