Gordon's Wedding

I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a Monday wedding before. I didn’t exactly get to go to the wedding but I did get to the reception. It was very nice. The weddings I have been to lately have been real casual but beautiful affairs. It seemed tonight that these two kids were very much in love. Besides all the love in the air we had a great meal and good friends to share it with. Shared the table with Randall and Lauralea, Grace and Pauline.

On the way home we did what all new grandparents would do – we stopped to visit our grandson and our kids. It is funny to watch Leo and David practically fighting over who gets to hold the little guy. Wonder if they would fight over who gets to change the diaper! The true test of devotion! Annette’s auntie has come to stay with them for a few days and that is good because Annette is feeling a little tired and a bit sore. She needs spoiling for a few days.

While we were there our daughters came in. Rachelle came up from Saskatoon since she has a few days off and all the girls were going to the drive-in. Bruce Almighty and something else are playing. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I would have gone with them. I must be one of the only people who hasn’t seen Bruce Almighty and I am beginning to feel sorry for myself. I guess someone has to work so our kids can afford to go to movies! Oh poor old me.

Now I had better call it a night. Leo’s already gone to bed and morning will come too quickly.

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