A Busy Day

Today has been a full day. I suspected it would be. In the wee hours of the morning the phone rang and another mother worrying about her son was on the line. Why do kids have to get so darned independent when we need the assurance of knowing where they are. Subtle rebellion or simply uncaring disregard for our concerns? Who knows? So I had a couple of sleepers still at my house when I got Christian up to go to worship practice. They were still sleeping when we all got back from church.

I thought I would have to rush home between worship practice and church to pick up my girls but Patrick who had spent the night at The Forks (this is the place where the North and South Saskatchewan rivers converge not some sleazy restaurant) came home in time for church and brought them with him. He went to camp out with a group from Quebec who are retracing one of the furtrade routes up to the Hudson Bay from Portland Oregon. It poured in the night and he got soaked.

Then I went up to the hospital to pick up my kids and the new grandson – homegoing day. My son owns a very beat up old 3/4 ton truck that is ok for work but not good enough to bring home his woman and babe. They desperately need a car but his fledgling business hasn’t made him very well off so far. And some of his choices haven’t been the wisest in hindsight. He owns a very nice 2000 Ninja motorbike but it is not good baby transportation either and he has had no luck so far selling it so he can buy a car. So if anyone has a great car – Annette would like an automatic- for only a few thousand dollars or to trade for a bike let me know!

The soccer game started at 3:00. I had to be there at 2:00 to sell admission tickets but I think that is one fundraiser that flopped. I only sold 3 and the other seller sold about 10. That sure won’t send them to nationals in Nova Scotia if they win the playoffs. They won today’s match and so are tied for first place with Regina Queen City. Next weekend will be a huge match. As big as the world cup for these girls. Sara says she is already nervous for next Saturday.

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