My Saturday

Today started out absolutely perfect. A clear blue sky, warm and quiet. Swinging in my lawn swing on the deck with a cup of coffee and a bagel. Working on some poetry in the early morning, reading and talking to God. It was great.

I had to spend some time restocking the larders and then made a quick trip up to the hospital to see my kids before heading off to Saskatoon with Sara and her teammate for a league game. I got to listen to my music since the girls fell asleep. That is one of my favorite things to do too – drive and listen to music that I like.

It was HOT sitting in the shade watching that game – even for 4:00pm it was hot. Sara was on the field the whole game. It’s a wonder no one passed out.

After the game we all went to Boston Pizza thinking that they would have good air conditioning. Whew, it was hot in that place and it took us two hours to get served and eat. Sure went through the free refills on the iced tea. The girls are all supposed to eat healthily – no pop. Funny how a coach can get them to do that and follow his orders even when he is not watching! Mothers don’t get allowed to dictate that kind of stuff and be obeyed! Not fair.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Worship practice, church, drive kid to work, lend car to kids to bring baby home from hospital, to soccer game where I have to do my job of selling tickets, somewhere in there lunch. Going to be good when and if I get home in the evening.

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