Getting out of the Faith Ghetto

Today my devotional reading included Getting out of the Faith Ghetto by Dan Buck. It’s in a little book called Deeper Walk by Relevant
“Trying to be spiritual away from the rest of life is like trying to eat without any food or like trying to be a really good driver without ever going down the road. We get in and study the steering wheel and gauges, then we get out of the car and start walking down the road. It’s in everyday life that our spirituality can be exercised.”

My day, my week at work and at home is about to begin. There’s going to be lots of everyday life this week for me to exercise my spirituality. I know that without God in me I will not make it through the week intact – and chances are the people around me will be the ones to suffer if I don’t. So God – live in me and through me and please don’t let me make too many mistakes this week!

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