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Jordon Cooper talks about the use of Labyrinth as a tool in prayer and worship. He has gotten a lot of reaction – of course. I wasn’t aware that only pagans owned the use of the word. We all have labyrinths in our heads you know – in our inner ears. In the dictionary a labyrinth is a complicated or confusing structure – a puzzle, a maze.

Anyway, I realize that is simplifying things – but reaction to the use of such a tool because of it being called a labyrinth seems like over reaction to me.

In my post from Wednesday, Aug. 6 I use a blessing which is called a rune in Madeleine L’Engle’s book An Acceptable Time. Now if anything conjures up the image of pagan, it is probably the use of the term rune. Yet the word itself comes from the characters used in the ancient Germanic languages. Yes runes were words or incantations which had magical or mysterious meaning. A rune to a pagan would be a magic spell. To me, a Christian, the term as used by M. L’Engle, also a Christian, evokes images of inscriptions and words that have mysterious and sacred meanings. I think that I would place some of our blessings, Christian symbols, and benedictions into this category of language. And I believe we attach a certain Holy power to these. What we receive from these words goes way beyond the mere meaning of the words. Sometimes God’s presence comes to us in very intense and special ways through them.

I hope that as Christians we don’t try and eliminate everything from our lives that is mysterious beyond our understanding – that doesn’t fit into some neat little theological box. Mystery is a big part of how I deal with the big concepts like creation, the incarnation, redemption and resurrection. My God is way too big for my finite little mind to understand and explain all of these. And the biggest mystery of all is his love for me – so intense that he died as a substitute for me long before I was even conceived of. So I use poetry, songs and music, liturgy(which is to me the repetition of a sacred act) and other means- like maybe a labyrinth or candles or whatever- to assist me in worshipping this mysteriously wonderful God. It is not how I worship but who that makes my worship true worship.

I believe that God created our sense of mystery, our sense of wonder and delight at all his creation for our and his enjoyment. I refuse to somehow hand over this part of who I am to the domain of the “occult”, “new age” or any other label the evil one would like to use to frighten me away from experiencing this part of who God created me to be.

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I Want To

One of the passages I read lately was from Matthew 8: 1 to 4. In this story, Jesus is dealing with a man who comes to him to be healed of his leprosy. He asks and Jesus says “I want to.” “Be healed”.

I come to Jesus bringing my acts of stupidity and ignorance and anger and say “Jesus please take these and make me clean again.” And he says “I want to…Be healed” And then instead of acting like I have been made clean and doing the necessary stuff to verify this act of God, I hang onto my problems. I do not say I am sorry, I keep repeating the same ignorant or angry acts. I hesitate to leave his presence looking like a healed person, acting like a changed person.

I forget to keep my eyes on Jesus and instead look inside myself. I lose sight of where he wants me to go.

I need to learn to let things go and move on in him. After all he has done, after all the examples of his forgiveness and healing, it is still hard to let him have the stuff he wants to take away.

One of my weakest areas is just accepting this and moving on. I tend to go over and over my mistakes. I may have no one to even apologize to. My stupidity begins to consume my introverted, introspective mind and become more important than it should be. I just need to take up my life, leave my foolish mistakes in his hands and move on to where he wants me to go next.

Help me to actually follow my own advice God!

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