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The Family Reunion

When I told one person about going off to our family reunion, she sighed and said she knew how those could be, as if it must have been a big chore going. She was surprised when I told her we had a great time. Maybe we have a strange family. Maybe we don’t see each other enough to get tired of each other.

Folks at the Frost/ Johnson reunion traced their roots back to two sisters, Anna and Ellen Ostergren, who immigrated to Canada back in 1896 and 1899. My grandmother, Anna, shown in her wedding photo was 16 when she came over to Canada. Her sister came three years later. My grandmother worked as a servant till she developed her own catering business, then married my grandfather Fred. She died when she was in her 50’s. My mother was then about 18 so I never knew her. My grandfather also died long before I was born. So I only know them through the stories of others. My cousin produced a wonderful book of our family history for this reunion. I’m glad there are people in our family who are so good at preserving our family heritage in this way.

At the reunion we ranged in age from about 8 months to 85 years. I wonder if there will be any of the older generation at the next reunion. It is scary to think that my generation will probably be the older one at the next few reunions. But we will undoubtedly get together to celebrate our family, our heritage and our faith. And we take the time each reunion to remember those who have gone on – only my Uncle Carl remains of my moms brothers and sisters.

We also came from all over North America and from as far as London, England. From Vancouver to Halifax, from Texas to Kentucky. There were school custodians, teachers, professional dancers, lawyers and engineers, pastors and missionaries, farmers, heavy equipment mechanics, doctors and nurses, stay at home moms and stay at home dads. Yeah and even one dentist.

We had a talent show as we always do after our banquet – mostly so we can show off how talented our kids are! One of my cousins did a great magic show for the kids. Grace danced and danced so well! She danced a Hip Hop routine to “Shackles” and did it so well. It was a blessing to me – like her feet were really unshackled to praise God.

Oh! I am really one of the luckiest moms in the world. Give me a few days and they will bring me back to earth with a thud.

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I Let Her Down

I missed getting Sara to practice at 1:00 today and I had promised her that I would. Then a situation came up at work that demanded all my concentration and the time for going passed. The fact is that at that moment my work was more urgent than my kids demands. It is pretty hard for Sara to understand this and it makes me feel rotten too. She says she understands but the fact is that I let her down and I couldn’t even stop in the middle of what I was doing and call her to let her know.

Being a mom at this moment is not fun and being a dentist at this moment sucks! I did what I had to do but there was no joy in it. The patient got the best part of the deal – I hope!.

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