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Today we are off to a family reunion in the great metropolis of Minnedosa, MB. This is where my Swedish ancestors set up their homesteads. Our once every five years Frost reunion isn’t always held in this location because it really is hard to get hotel accomodations in a town that only has one or two hotels. But this year it is back to the ancestral roots. It is about 7 hours drive from here so it will be a long enough drive with a van full of my parents and two of our kids. And we have to be back at work on Monday! Actually it will be fun since the Frost’s tend to have a good sense of humor and know how to have a pretty good time.

I am as I write trying to get printed off enough pictures to show how beautiful our kids are, etc. Trying to find one of Leo and I that dosen’t make us look old or fat is more of a challenge.

I will have to get out the old pen and paper for my weekend journalling but I will be glad to get back to blogging. It helps me to express and retain what God teaches me daily and I like that.

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