Early Rising

Leo and I both tend to automatically wake up early – bad habits are hard to break. We are getting to be more “mature” adults – in other words we both have a lot of grey hairs. After 33 years together sex isn’t the only intimate thing we do in bed. This morning we began to reminisce about our life together and how God shaped us both. It is a wonderful way to spend an early Saturday morning. We have learned a lot from each other. And from God. And God seems to be pushing us to go a bit deeper with him all the time and it looks like this might be one of those pushes. We are sort of exploring how God might use us to share our faith with those who will never feel comfortable going to a church building, at first at least. How we don’t know, so we are talking and exploring. I want to see how the worship freehouse works so I’m planning on going to this event.

Then I go to a parent meeting for youth group and find myself being just the kind of parent I don’t want to be – the kind that puts their foot in their mouth – reacts first before thinking. Boy, God sure has lots of work to do on me yet. I always feel so drained when I know I’ve been a bit of a fool. I always wish I could hit the rewind button of life so many times.

Now we are off to Saskatoon; pick up a keyboard, meet with a lawyer about some immigration stuff and take part in Leo’s 30 year medical school class reunion. My classmates will be there too since we were in the same year and most of my calssmates still practice dentistry in Saskatoon.

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