The Wisdom Tooth

Its been a day! Up by 6:00, to work around 7:30. Most of my morning was spent working on a 3 rooted lower wisdom tooth. The guy(who owned the tooth till I wrested it from him) was big enough to do little old me some serious damage. Oh the power of being a woman with tools! Makes men just do as they’re told!

One of the skills I picked up on the Congo was the ability to deal with most surgical extractions and stuff like that. In this province a patient needing to see one of the oral surgeons can face a wait of up to 6 months. Sometimes the wait is too long and I get talked into helping someone out of their misery or my partner will ask me ” Do you want to give it a try?” and how can I turn down a challenge? Some days like today my hands get quite a workout.

I made it home tonight in time to eat and run up to Sara’s soccer game. They beat Lakewood from Saskatoon but all the goals happened after I had to leave the game to go to the church executive board meeting. Leo is the chair and just arrived back from Saskatoon in time for the meeting. I guess we accomplished what we had to but I’m getting tired of meetings. Leo is watching some movie about a crooked cop now with Patrick and a friend and Christian is downstairs watching another movie with his friend. I have about had enough of this day and am ready to hit the sack. Good night!

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