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More Harry Potter

Sometimes I just wish we could be left alone to enjoy our good reading without having to analyze if it is “Christian ” or not. Most of what I read is probably not Christian but it is either enjoyable, makes me think or I learn something from it or it won’t get read. Most of what I read is really boring work related stuff – Essentials of Facial Growth – for example. So please indulge me a bit of pleasure!

All my life I have thrived on reading fantasy – Superman, The Borrowers, Alice in Wonderland, C.S. Lewis’s books(all of them), Madeleine L’Engel’s books and Tolkein. I have shared the magic of them with my kids. Funny, but the kids who enjoyed the fantasy books with me the most are the ones with the faith in God.

I think my faith was also shaped by these books. I learned to love the mystical and there is a lot of mystery in what God has done for us. I learned to see God in my surroundings, to understand that there is a lot more to life than just the seen and the touchable things. Reading these books helped me to see that I was not alone in this type of experience. I looked for the evidence of God in such books and I was not disappointed. I would like my children to experience this too so I encourage them to read and then we talk.

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Hard to be a mother

Sometimes it is really hard to be a mother. I want too much for and from my kids and maybe I expect just too much from them. I would love to have more harmony among all of them. I would love to see more responsible decisions made. I would like them to be more perfect. But I really don’t seem to have much control some days. Do you know what I mean? Some days I seem to be on their cases all the time and I think I must come across as an invader into their lives rather than a nurturer. I wish it were easier to parent well! I am constantly having to give them back into Gods hands when I realize I am grasping them too tightly. I think I am a pretty easy going mother but it is hard to back off, let God do his thing in their lives, when I see things going on that I don’t like!

Teach me God to trust you to care for them and at the same time to listen for your guidance as to when to intervene since you have given me the job of being a mother to all of them.

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