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Grad festivities begin

Today begins the festivities. Patrick is graduating from High School. He still writes one last final today – French. He should do well in this one and I noticed that he sat with a beer(he is 19) in front of the TV last night instead of at the dining room table in front of his books. Tonight is the Grad Mass at St. Mary’s, tomorrow is off except for parents who are doing stuff like decorating, etc. And then Saturday is the big day with ceremonies in the morning and the big dance at night – then the all night party. Patrick’s uncle is not coming and although Patrick doesn’t say much I think he is disappointed. Patricks father cannot come and for that he is really disappointed but can’t do much about it. He does us the honor of calling us Mom and Dad so Leo and I will go with pride and pleasure. Maybe we will throw some pictures up here later.

All of us will be glad that school is over for another year. It will give us all a breather from the routines. Then we can start getting ready for the camps and CHIC and summer work that keep the kids busy during the summer. I am going to try and take a couple of days for myself somewhere out of the vacation time I will have in August – maybe find myself a quiet spot to hole up, read and rest. And come the middle of July I will be a Grandma so that will be exciting. I hope I won’t be one of those grandparents that is too busy to take time to get to know their grandchildren.

God continues to surprise me with stuff from his word. I wish I had developed this thirstiness for it years ago. I find there is so much I wish I knew better, understood better. At least it is never too late to start digging in deeper.

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