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Matthew Genealogy

I finished reading through Romans and decided to go back and re-read one of the Gospels. I haven’t read through Matthew for awhile so it was chosen. So of course it starts out with the genealogy of Jesus. I realize this was of utmost importance to the Jewish people. It struck me that Matthew lists all of the male ancestors of Joseph – throwing in a few good women like Ruth and Rahab. Then along comes Mary – mother of Jesus – only related to all those men through her marriage to Joseph. And to top it all off – Joseph isn’t even Jesus’ biological father. Am I missing some link here? Help all you theologians who know such things!

Mary must have offered herself up to God with no strings attached. An incredible woman allowing God to use her to fulfill his destiny and make a way for us total strangers, thousands of years down the road to come to him as God, Father and friend. I wonder what she thought. It seems she kept most of her thoughts to herself. I wonder what she and her teenaged son sat and talked about and how much she understood? Maybe you can tell I have teenagers that sometimes I don’t understand at all and often wonder where God can be leading them.

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