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Hidden Homeless

Kevin at thehomelessguy.net is an interesting guy to read. He has posted some interesting links and one in particular caught my eye called Hidden Homeless I guess partly because I see the kind of dental needs the author describes in the article in the high needs kids on our much smaller city. These kids are not necessarily “homeless” in the technical sense. Most of them have homes of some sort but are very transient so never stay in one place long enough to get complete care and never build up a relationship with a dentist. Their parents may never have had much for care and chances are unless the cycle is broken, their children won’t be much better off. In a way I think the lack of dental care is just a symptom of much more urgent problems – like insufficient shelter and food, sometimes addictions in the parents and sometimes just fatigue on the part of parents who have too few resources and too little energy to do a good job of parenting. Most adolescents with poor dental health also have other hygiene issues and I think they just don’t see themselves as someone worth spending time on. That feeling, I suppose becomes a vicious circle and then they will have kids that don’t feel very good about themselves.

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Michael Coren – on Gay Marriages

In my wandersings around cyberspace I found a link to this interesting article on Gay marriage by MICHAEL COREN, a Sun Media columnist. There has been so much in the news and it is hard to know if one should even express an opinion. This guy says a lot of reasonable sounding stuff – honest and loving at the same time.

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Waiting for the grandson

We are awaiting the birth of our second grandson early in July. Annette, (the mom to be) just finishing up her office management course at SIAST, is doing her work placement in my office. My staff has come to love her and are awaiting this baby’s birth with excitement. So today we booked off some time and went to Boston Pizza for lunch and a baby shower. I was even the recipient of an emergency grandmother pack containing all the things I’ll need to babysit like Robaxacet for my arthritis. Talk about how to make your boss feel old!

This birth is being anticipated with much joy. Logan, our first grandchild, also born to Dave and Annette, only lived a couple of days. He had Trisomy 18 which is not compatible with life. His birth and death drew our family around these two kids (Dave and Annette). This child shows all the signs and promise of a normal healthy birth. He (our grandson) has been the recipient of much prayer as are his Dad (our son) and Mom.

I stopped and bought a card yesterday to go with the gift I was giving Annette. It seemed just a nice simple card and somehow appropriate. The only word were “Changing the world one diaper at a time” I didn’t think about the great significance of that simple phrase till later.

“Changing the world one diaper at a time”
Parenting is not really a mundane task even though it seems like it many times. The many repeated “no’s” and occasional “yeses”. The little hands that have to be led until they are running ahead on their own and dragging you along. The countless meetings with school, lessons, sports and church that seem such an infringement on your time. The skinned knees bandaged, the tears wiped, the homework helped with, don’t seem very significant at the time yet they help shape the soul of a person created in God’s image.

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