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A day at Waskesiu

I am so glad I went to Waskesiu for the day yesterday that I am going back up after church today. Besides they are having another barbecue and when doctors have a barbecue that means really good steak. Last night the barbecue was at the pavilion up at Elk Ridge and I, not being a golfer, had not been in to the place. It is gorgeous. It is a good place for Leo to be on Fathers Day since he will get to do what he likes to do best – not what he is best at, but golf is his favorite pastime. He gets to do what he does best this morning too – teach – a course on hepatitis C. Hep C is almost a plague in Prince Albert which is a sad indicator on the rate of IV drug use here in this small city.

Yesterday was for me like a day of retreat. I had no one to entertain and no place I was expected to be. I spent part of the day on the shore of the lake reading, praying and contemplating things. I found a trail where I was secluded enough to practice my recorder since I wasn’t sure the other hotel guests would appreciate the noise. And then I went back to the room and had a nap. I’m a little sunburned but since I remembered my sunscreen, not too bad.

One of the things I took along to read was a copy of E-vangelism 2.0 – the introduction by Andrew Careaga If you haven’t read it yet – do. I liked what he said and this is just the introduction.

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