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Sometimes when I have to work Fridays, I am so happy when the last patient of the day cancels. ‘Twas the case today and I am so glad because it is an absolutely gorgeous day and although it is nice to be in an air conditioned building, it is also nice to be out in the yard. I could work in the garden tomorrow too but I have opted to spend the day at Waskesiu on the beach with a good book instead. Forced relaxation since I am driving Sara up there to babysit for the continuing ed course Leo is speaking at. So I have my bedding plants in and the rest of the weeds will have to wait.

I was having trouble getting my little rototiller to work so my son, David the landscaper, kindly came over and did my flower garden for me and the rest of the lawn was mowed and the weeds whacked. He smashed his finger this morning and came by my office for a Band-Aid so I guess he felt generous towards his Mom.

My philosopher son, blew up in school today I guess. He had thought about skipping a couple of periods to catch up on some rest. Finals and grad are next week and he is stressed and tired. He decided to go to class so he would not miss the revision – got there and the class was making so much noise the teacher could not keep order. Patrick stood up and yelled for everyone to “Shut the F… up” and left for the library. I guess everyone has a point at which they snap. Righteous anger? Not my choice of language but I imagine the students got the message. The teacher thanked him!

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